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Sausage Review #6 Italian Sausage

Name: Italian Sausage
Price: $5.25
Location: Sey Hey Sausage Specialties behind section 126
Condiments: Peppers and Onions
Cooked: Steamed
Size: Med/ Large
OK.... I've eaten quite a bit of sausage by now...
I'm running out of sausage near the usual seats.
Gonna have to start trekking across the park.
That being said, time for the Good Old Italian from Sey Hey.

Well, visual presentation was not good. Sausage has a greenish brownish hue to it. The wilted green peppers added to the unappealing look.
The bread was soft and compact, like all the sausages from this stand.
The sausage had a good texture, skin was very soft and the meat fell apart in your mouth. Weak fennel seed flavor, in fact the overall level of spice was a littler lower than expected. Additionally, sausage was not "hot spicy" in the slightest.
The flavor of the meat was good, and you can tell this is quality sausage.
The unappealing look, and the lower than desired spice level drags down the rating of what is otherwise a SOLID sausage.

Overall Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 Blocked Arteries



"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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