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Sausage Review #16 Chicken Apple Sausage

Name: Chicken Apple Sausage
Price: $5.50
Location: Field Club Lounge
Condiments: Relish, Guldens
Cooked: Steamed
Size: Medium/ Small
Chicken Apple Sausage?
Sounds pretty good!
So I was optomistic going in, but was soon to be disappointed.
Bread size matched the short fat sausage well.
Bread was soft and little mushy from sitting in the wrapper for who knows how long.
Skin was thin, and popped easily, revealing a mush of meat and fruit.
The Mustard and Relish were a bad choice, as the sausage had an Apple Cinnamon quaility....
What tasted like pork had a little tang to it and overall the flavors were not good together.
Not salty, and the the sausage was OK.
If I had to do over again, I would go without condements.
But I have a pretty good idea of what the flavor would be like, and I would rather pass on this sausage.
Not a bad buy for the $$$, but not worth the room in your stomach

Overall Rating: 2 1/2 out of 5 Blocked Arteries



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"...the best evaluation of players is subjective judgment...The real baseball world is inevitably going to be hundreds of times more complicated than the model that we construct...." -Bill James
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