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Guild Roster

This is the guild roster update thread. Please check it out and post any changes that you need made. Please post any changes made to your character and alt lists in the future. Once updated, your post will be deleted, to prevent clutter. Thankyou emoticon

Any character or alts left logged off for more than 2 months will be removed, to keep our guild list current. If you are gone for an extended period of time, or stop playing a particular alt for awhile, just let us know when you return for a re-invite.

Kreegen Mithrilheart Alts: Aemon, Creeg, Creegan, Kreger, Mach, Whistle

Lomax Alts: Damein, Donaven, Drayton, Toddran, Zedricke

Bjorq Alts: Cleros, Lude, Ludefisk, Ludevigg, Siam, Sorjen, Sorjin
Cable Dood Alts: Cabey, Fascinating, Kahbley, Kaybe, Kayble
Casis Dundenruff Alts: Cerbi, Cybil, Keberous, Zirge
Chuckee Alts: Buhwheat, Chuckey, Chuckiee, Energizer, Falling, Nimitz
Hippie Merridee Alts: Fig, Hesselwhite, Kepp, Levistus, Riddles
Isldur Alts: Luckydog, Swiftsword
Jezabele Alts: Amma, Iriss, Onix
Lowell of Necropolis Alts: Herobot, Killean, Kronikin, Nixialus, Seaanherunga, Virsuscipio
Luis Alts: Arachnid, Davy, Elma, Paine, Raver, Shamrock
Nomercy Alts: Sweete, Sweetlovin, Sweetmercy, Sweetness
Serapham Alts: Doombreed, Merroc, Rezbot, Thuron
Spartan Bluedevil Alts: Frogert, Priestt, Scarse
Stupid Alts: Are, Ib, Really, Truely, Waggro, Whou, Yep

Aliceian Alts: Aliceain, Aliceias, Nervous
Bigmof Alts: Apacolypse, Bigmof, Chozenone, Moffy
Briana Alts: Conall, Findem, Othree, Rhyno, Rythmic, Sammee
Cleavelin Alts: Doxx, Knuckles
Closet Alts: Louvisa, Phleric, Walk
Conker Alts: Neddy
Daranmer Alts: none
Euler Alts: Eul, Euleric, Eulerica, Eulerik, Eulerika
Froggery Alts: Frizzy, Knott
Gedoe Alts: Gedddoe, Geddoe, Gedo, Gedoes
Ghorgahn Alts: none
Godsangrydog Alts: Handofgod, Khatib, Mathurin, Wargod
Gothe Alts: Bomchicka, Broater, Farcry, Ostragothe, Roosh, Teriyaki, Visigothe
Hellbane Alts: none
Honkers Alts: Caleb, Kalub, Tyerone, Veedeee
Hottsauce Alts: Hott, Hotsauce, Hottsizzle, Hotsizzle
Irimian Alts: none
Kaladrill Alts: Finarfin, Gungadin, Handoverfist, Korig, Toboris
Koehnes Alts: Karlev, Thalahel
Kyne Alts: Oxion
Lorenia Alts: none
Luckymoko Alts: none
Madmardigun Alts: Larick, Psychochica, Syriin
Madmartigan Alts: Jaybels, Mordenkai, Morgrym, Sinderella, Wig
Malia Alts: Kamare, Rhaps, Shalkan, Vandis
Mandark Alts: Buff, Grigory, Manuell, Susprina
Ruriken MithrilHeart Alts: Granthis, Rourke, Terrans
Sandblaster Alts: Guapo, Knifeblade, Lavena
Softy Alts: Softie
Stab Alts: Bats, Dunador, Knifes, Staber, Stav, Windor
Sybian Alts: Preists, Thedrunken
Tabatha Alts: Lamber
Talleary Alts: none
Tinytoes Alts: Bandyleggs, Darkkon, Drelarcc, Ebonyfoot, Reverand
Zapp Alts: Draver, Graatz, Traxster

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Re: Guild Roster

Closet's toons:

Closet Player, Walk in Closet, Louvisa, Designer Closet, Taswen Kazo, Lynen Closet and Broom Closet will be joing soon!

Othree's Toons:

Othree is good. If we can only get him to stop re-rolling Rhyno!

Pab's toons: (Closet & Othree's son (6yrs old))

Pab, Rocs, Aye
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